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Exporting invoices or estimates

You can export your invoices and estimates as a list in a .csv-format or export all your invoices as PDF files. This article explains how to do it. 


Invoice or estimate list as a .csv file

  1. Go to the tab >Invoices (it works the same under the tab >Estimates).
  2. Choose a filter (e.g., All, Outstanding, or >More: Overdue, Paid, Deleted).
  3. Click on the >three parallel lines on the top right corner of the list to download and select >Download data as .csv file.export invoices english.png

Export invoices as PDF

  1. Go to the tab >Reports.
  2. Select >Sales report.
  3. Choose the >Date range of invoices you would like to download.
  4. Click >Download report on the upper right corner and select >Download pdf invoices.
  5. A compressed .zip-file will be automatically downloaded to your computer containing all your PDF invoices from the selected time span.export invoices pdf eng.png
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