Editing your invoicing settings

You can modify your default invoice and estimate templates and choose your settings:

  • Under >My Account >Invoicing settings
  • During invoice creation (in the right panel under >Settings)

Invoice settings due date discount reference.png

The default view is set to >Invoice fields and for reasons of clarity, the following guidelines focus only on modifying invoice fields under the Invoicing settings. To edit your default estimate settings, click on the tab >Estimate fields under the headline.


Company name - if you use more than one trade name, this field will automatically appear and you can select the default trade name when creating a new invoice.

Invoice type - depending on your business and primary customers, you can choose which invoice type should be set as default. You can read more about different invoice types here.

Visible columns - select which columns of your invoice row should be displayed as default.

Currency - here you can choose the default currency shown on your invoice.

Invoice language - select the default invoice language. Click >Preview in your invoice editor to display your invoice in the selected language.

Discount settings - modify the discount settings for your invoices. Tick the checkbox to show discounts on your invoice per default. Learn more about applying discounts in invoices here

Late payment interest - choose whether to show the late payment interest on your invoice and decide which payment interest should be set as default. Please note: our system does not calculate the interest automatically. If you want to add a late payment interest to a payment reminder, you need to add it as a separate invoice line.

Payment terms - select your preferred payment terms and >Add or >Modify at the bottom of the drop-down menu.


Visible references: select the references you want to display on your invoice. Choose from Buyer’s purchase order numberBuyer’s reference, Buyer’s contract number
Seller’s order numberPayment reference. Please read more about references here


Invoice header - change the header of your invoices. This can be useful, i.e., when creating individual credit notes or change the invoice as a payment reminder.

Message - add a default invoice message here. Instead of adding a complete text, you can also add only generic text parts to which you add a more personal part later when you create an invoice.

Invoice footnote - use this text field to add the footnote to you wish to show on all invoices, i.e., information on terms, regulations or other notes.

Terms and Conditions - add your terms and conditions in this field and mark the box to >Show them on your invoices. These will be automatically displayed on a separate page.

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