Managing trade names

If your company operates with multiple trade names, you can add them to your Zervant account. This function can be useful if you have certain contact persons in your company for selected customers and you wish to create invoices under those trade names. Please note that this is a Premium feature available in Zervant PRO subscriptions or above.


How to add a new trade name

1. Go to >My account and >Company details

2. Click >Add trade name in the upper right corner

3. A new tab for company details will open. Fill out your details and add a separate logo for the trade name if you want. This information will show up on invoices created with this tradename instead of the information in the company contact information.


  • It is currently not possible to add a separate bank account number or company number for the trade name.
  • The different trade name still runs under the same company, that is why you cannot add other company registration numbers or VAT numbers. If you want to use Zervant with a separate company, you have to create separate accounts for these different companies. 



How to invoice with the trade name

1. Go to the tab >Invoices and create a >New invoice

2. Click on the >downward pointing triangle next to your company name. You can find it on the upper right corner of your invoice settings and choose which trade name should be displayed on your invoice



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