Sales of goods to other EU member states (Finland)

If you sell goods to other EU member states, you will have to consider the relevant legislation. Normally invoices like this do not contain VAT for company customers, since the buyer declares and pays the VAT according to the rates in their home country. At the point of sale, the buying company has to be registered as a VAT inclusive business. 

Make sure the buyer has a registered VAT number (VAT ID)

The VAT number for both the buyer and seller has to be included on the invoice. You can easily check the buyer's VAT number from the EU commission's online service.  

You can add your own VAT number under My Account -> Company contact information. The customer's VAT number can be added in the customer information under the Customers tab.


Create an invoice for selling goods to another EU member state

1. Start of normally by going to the Invoices tab, and clicking on Create invoice. Choose the Invoice type according to the steps below.

2. On the right side you will find the invoice settings. From the Invoice type drop down menu, choose Sales of goods to other EU member states. 

3. Choose the Language of the invoice. The current options are English, Finnish, Swedish, German and French.

4. Choose the Currency. The sum for the invoice will be shown in the currency you choose here, but the accounting report will be produced in the default domestic currency. If you add products from your product register, you can manually convert the prices on the invoice based on the daily updated conversion rate shown in the editor when you switch currency. And when you mark the invoice as paid later, you will get a chance to update the paid amount according to the day's conversion rate.

5. Complete the invoice as you usually would.


Zervant will automatically fill out the legally mandatory text "VAT 0% Intra-Community supply of goods" in the invoice footnote. 

Even if you do not charge VAT from your customer, you still have to declare all VAT:less sales in your VAT report. Zervant will automatically include these sales in the VAT report.

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