Managing your product list

In Zervant you can create your own product/service database with a couple of clicks. Manage your own products and services and easily add your items to your future invoices and save time.


How to add a single product or service

1. Go to the tab >Products and click on >New product


2. A new window will open in which you can enter the product/service details (i.e., Name, Note, Unit, Price incl. or excl. VAT, VAT). Add your new product by clicking >Save.

Please note: The information in the "Note" field is not copied into the editor but is for internal notes only. You can add a more detailed product description in your invoice, for example in an empty text field. (Add item -> add text field).


You can also create a new product/service directly from the invoice editor. Select >New product from the drop-down menu to add it to your product database.


How to edit or delete products/services

Select your product/service from your product list and choose from the following options on the upper right corner: you can >Edit the selected product/service, >Copy as new or >Delete.


It is possible to edit or delete multiple products/services at the same time. >Check the boxes of your selected items to >Edit selected or >Delete selected. You can also check the box in the upper left corner to mark all products/services of your list.


When you edit several products/services, a new pop-up window will open in which you can set the >Unit and/or the >VAT for your selected items.


Import products/services

Click here to learn how to import multiple products or an existing database.


Export your product/service list

Read here how to export your product/service database from Zervant.




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