Zervant doesn't load after logging in. What should I do?

There might be multiple reasons for this issue, but the most common reasons we encountered are:


Browser Cache issues

Browser cache issues or problems with cookies might interfere with page information saving. Clearing the browser cache/cookies or browser data usually solves the issue. 


Ad-blocking add-ons

Our software relies on data that comes from various sources and it can happen that one of them is blocked by an ad-blocker. To ensure full functionality of the software, we recommend you to disable ad-blocker on our site or temporarily disable it, so that Zervant can function properly.


Safari Private Window

In the past, there have been issues when using the Safari browser in its "Private Window". You can identify a private window in Safari from its dark 'Smart Search' field with white text. Due to the way Safari handled cookies and cache in this mode, Zervant would not work correctly. If that issue reappears, open a new window on Safari not using the "Private Window"-function.

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