Managing your customer list

With Zervant you can manage your customer list easily. You can create new customers, upload your existing customer list or export your customers. Please note that the amount of customers you can save in your Zervant account depends on the plan you are on. You can check the plans and what they include here.


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Create a new customer

Go to the tab >Customers and click on the green button >New customer.
Add a new customer in Zervant

You can also add a new customer when creating a new invoice. Select >New customer from the customer selection menu.
Add a new customer in Zervant through the invoice editor


The information you add in these fields will be automatically included on the invoice (except for the email address and phone numbers).

Please note: 

  • The number of customers on our Free plan is limited to 5. To add more customers, you will need to subscribe to a Premium plan. Read more about our Premium plans here.
  • Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to add multiple contact information, a photo, or a different delivery address on one customer entry.
  • You can always edit your customers' information by clicking >Edit on the upper right side.


Customer details

Select a customer from your customer list to view the customers' details on the right side of the screen.

Under the tab >Info, you get an overview of the customer's invoicing address, language and payment terms.
Zervant customer details - information

Click >Invoices or >Estimates to view all created invoices/estimates for that customer. You can download the list in a csv-file by clicking on the three grey lines on the top right corner.
Zervant customer details - Invoices and estimates

Add >Notes to your customer information that is only visible to you. You can edit or remove them any time.
Zervant customer details - add notes


Delete customer

Select the customer and click >Delete on the upper right hand from your customer list.


Please note: Customers who have linked invoices (opened or paid) cannot be deleted. This is to ensure that invoices and reports stay legally compliant. Only customers with unapproved invoices (i.e., drafts) can be deleted.


Import customer list

Click here to learn how to import customers to your customer list.


Export customer list

Click here to learn how to export your customer list.


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