Adding your company logo

You can individualise your invoices by adding your own company logo. There are three options to do so:

  • From your >Home screen, click on >Add company details
  • Under >My Account >Company details
  • When creating a new invoice on the right upper corner under >Add company details


Uploading a new company logo

To add a new logo, click the empty thumbnail in the Company logo field to upload a picture from your computer.

The supported file formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF.
For best results, we recommend using a square PNG image.
The maximum size of the image file is 5 MB.


Cropping your company logo

The size of the logo area on the invoice can't be changed. However, if you use a square logo that is cropped to take the maximum space available, it should be sufficient to make your invoice stand out. You can see two examples below:

Both logo examples are almost square. However, the version on the left will appear smaller on the invoice than the version on the right because the logo on the right has been cropped to remove the blank space around the logo.

You can crop the logo when adding it under Company details, and the cropping will optimize the space reserved for the logo. You also have a preview on the right, to show you how it positions on the invoice. 


Another thing we can suggest is to only have the actual company logo in the image file that you'd like to use. If your company logo also contains the name of your company as a part of the image, this is something that may be making the logo smaller as it's sharing the space with other information that is part of the image:

The logo image on the left will show a very small company logo since the shape of the image isn't a square or close to it. And the reason for this is because it also contains the name of the company in the same image. The version of the right has been cropped to only include the logo and to be a square and this is why it's going to appear bigger on the invoice.

The name of the company and other company information is already part of the invoice (if provided in >My Account) as there's a designated area for such information elsewhere on the invoice.



Removing the logo

To remove an uploaded logo, hover over the previously uploaded logo and click the >'x'.  

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