Can I edit/delete an invoice?

In this article, we want to shortly explain how you can edit or delete an invoice. There are several options for you to edit or remove your invoice depending on the type and status of your invoice.


Draft invoices

You can edit drafts as often as you want or delete them. Please note that a draft cannot be restored once it is deleted. Read more about the differences between drafts and approved invoices here.

Approved invoices

By approving an invoice, it will become a legal document with its own invoice number. To edit or correct the approved invoice, the invoice cannot be marked as Paid. Change the status of the invoice, then click on >Edit on the upper right side. Please note that the customer or invoice number cannot be edited.


You can also "delete" invoices by selecting >More >Delete from the upper right menu. Due to accounting regulations, invoices cannot be "deleted", therefore, those will be archived in the invoice folder >More >Deleted. The used invoice numbers of deleted invoices cannot be reused.

Useful tips

  • If you have marked an invoice as Paid, change the status to Not paid to edit/delete the invoice. If you have already received a payment for it, you should not use this method but create a credit note instead.
  • Deleted invoices will not be included in your reports, but you can download them in a csv-file by selecting the folder >Invoices >More >Deleted. Click on the three grey lines of the invoices list to download.
  • If you made a mistake and accidentally deleted an invoice, you cannot restore it. However, you can create a copy by choosing the deleted invoice from the folder and click >More >Copy as new. The copied invoice will get the next invoice number from your numbering sequence.
  • Credit note attached to an invoice: you can edit the original invoice as mentioned above. Please note that changes on this invoices will not be reflected on the credit note. As it is not possible to edit credit notes, changing the original invoice might falsify your reports. If you delete an invoice that you have created a credit note for, the credit note will be also automatically deleted.
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