Information that has to be included on an invoice (Finland)

The following information must be included on an invoice based on section 209 b of the Value-Added Tax Act:

(The corresponding field and location in Zervant is marked with bold text.)

1) The date of issue of the invoice 

In Zervant: Date of Invoice / Invoice editor

2) A sequential number, based on one or more series, which uniquely identifies the invoice

In Zervant: Invoice number / Invoice editor


3) The VAT number (Business ID) 

In Zervant: VAT number / Company contact information


4) The buyer’s VAT number when reverse charge is applied, and in the case of intra-Community trade of services or goods.

In Zervant: VAT number / Customer tab


5) Full names and addresses of Seller and Buyer,

In Zervant: First name + Last name + Adress section / Company contact information + Customer tab


6) The quantity and nature of the goods supplied or the extent and nature of the services rendered,

In Zervant: Description + Quantity + Unit / Invoice editor


7) The date on which the goods or services were supplied or the date on which a prepayment on account was made,

In Zervant: Date / Invoice editor


8) The price(s) exclusive of VAT per rate of VAT, displaying the unit price and any rebates, discounts and credits (if not included in the unit price),

In Zervant: Unit Price + Discount / Invoice editor


9) The rate of VAT chargeable,

In Zervant: VAT / Invoice editor


10) The VAT payable in respect of the supply of the goods or services,

In Zervant: Total VAT per rate / Invoice editor (automatically included based on VAT field)


11) Indications of any VAT exemption or reverse charge,

In Zervant: Invoice type / Invoice editor (Automatically added based on invoice type)


12) If applicable, the details necessary to identify the goods as a new means of transport,

In Zervant: Message field or Footnote / Invoice editor


13) If applicable, an indication concerning the VAT margin scheme if second-hand goods, works of art, antiquities and collectibles or certain travel agency services are being supplied,

In Zervant: Message field or Footnote / Invoice editor


14) If applicable, an indication concerning the supply of taxable investment gold,

In Zervant: Message field or Footnote / Invoice editor


15) If an earlier invoice is being amended, a reference to the earlier invoice.

In Zervant: Message field or Footnote / Invoice editor



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