Using payment reconciliation

This feature is only available in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, France and Belgium at the moment and requires either Pro or Growth plan.

With the payment reconciliation feature you can connect one or several bank accounts to Zervant for matching bank transactions with outstanding invoices. We use Enable Banking to offer the bank connection. 

How to enable bank connection to Zervant

1. Go to the Bank connection tab and click on on "Connect with your bank" 


2. Select your bank from the list provided. Select private or business account and click on >Connect



3. You are redirected to the selected bank’s page to authenticate yourself.Screenshot_2021-03-31_at_16.51.33.png

4. Once authenticated, select the account or accounts you wish to connect to Zervant. You can also later on add or remove the accounts from Zervant. 
Please note, you can connect either personal accounts or company accounts, not both.


5. You are redirected back to Zervant and you'll see the transactions from the bank accounts selected. You can see transactions for up to 90 days. The system will also ask you to reconnect to the bank every 90 days in order to renew the permission to access the transactions (for some banks this can be more often).



How to match bank transactions to invoices

Once you have enabled the bank connection and see the bank transactions, select the transaction you wish to match to an invoice. The system automatically suggests invoices with a matching payment reference. You can also look for the invoice by the invoice date or amount of the invoice. Once you select "Match", the invoice is marked as paid.



You can unmatch the invoice by selecting the transaction and clicking where it says "unmatch" . Unmatching the invoice does not mark the invoice as unpaid, so remember to manually mark the invoice as unpaid if necessary.

How to remove the bank connection

If you wish to remove the connection to your bank, choose Disconnect from your bank from the Bank connection tab. 



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