Why can't I edit my invoices?

Significant changes in invoice modification: a legislation-compliant update

Since the 1st of January 2024, it is no longer possible to edit approved invoices. This decision takes into account recent and upcoming legislative accounting developments and is based on our commitment to provide an invoicing tool that fully complies with the law.

Accounting standards evolve to ensure increased transparency and more effective management of financial transactions. By aligning our policies with these changes, we ensure that our users comply with the latest standards.


What does this mean for you?

As long as your invoices are at the draft stage, they remain editable.

However, once an invoice has been approved and appears under the "Created" status, it is no longer editable. Therefore, we encourage you to carefully review your invoices before approval to ensure the accuracy of the information they contain.


My approved invoice contains an error: what can I do ?

Despite all precautions, errors may sometimes remain in invoices, or your clients may require last-minute changes. If you find yourself in this situation, the steps to take will depend on the payment status of your approved invoice. For more details and advice on correcting both paid and unpaid invoices, please refer to our dedicated article here.




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