"Type of product" : how to use it and why does it show in the invoice editor ?

When creating an invoice with Zervant, you may have noticed the "Type of Product" mention and might be wondering what it means. This mention holds particular significance as it is connected to our upcoming accounting adjustments.

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Goods and Services: A Significant Distinction

Goods, also referred to as products or merchandise, denote tangible objects that can be exchanged, sold, or stored. They fulfill a concrete and tangible need. A classic example is a pen, a good used for writing. On the other hand, services are intangible and rely on the provision of technical or intellectual expertise. They are closely tied to the person providing them and those benefiting from them. Unlike goods, services cannot be stored and only exist at the time of their provision.


''Type of product'' in your reports

You can see the product type breakdown on the Reports page. Go to Reports > Sales by product. The report can be downloaded as a PDF or as .xlsx or .csv file and includes the product type. 

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Practically, what does it mean ?

"Type of product" is only visible in the invoice editor and not on the final PDF template. As this feature evolves, it will seamlessly integrate with our upcoming accounting solution, fostering efficiency and accuracy in financial management and reporting.



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